Bathroom Remodeling


Remodeling services for those who demand excellence.

Our company specializes in Bathroom design, and installation. We handle the entire project from ideas and concepts thru obtaining permits for electric, plumbing, and construction.

The bathroom is one of the most "personal" rooms in any house. It serves the dual purpose of being a place for personal hygiene as well as a place for rest and relaxation, therefore a great deal of attention must be given to its design.





Kitchen Remodeling


Remodeling services for those who demand excellence.

Our company specializes in kitchen design, installation, supervision and other cabinet applications such as family rooms, home offices and custom wall and bar units.

We can answer all of your design, installation and remodeling concerns and have everything you'll need: appliances, cabinets, floors, fixtures and counters.

Merotile works with superior manufacturers such as Ultracraft, Dynasty, Beckermann, Cuisine & Cabico and Omega for custom cabinetry and uses Corian, Granite, Silestone, Wood and other fine countertop surfaces.

Kitchen remodeling services

The complete process of kitchen and bath planning, along with design and installation requires a tremendous amount of expertise. In addition to space planning- plumbing, electrical, lighting and construction issues must also be addressed.





Design Services


If you can imagine it we can create it ...
We Are poised to meet the toughest design challenges.


Merotile remodeling services are designed for those who demand excellence. Our company specializes in kitchen and bath design, installation, supervision and other cabinet applications such as family rooms, home offices and wall and bar units for existing and new homes.





 Getting Started



Start your remodeling project on the right foot by selecting a licensed and insured, professional remodeling general contractor.

The complete process of kitchen and bath planning, design and installation requires a tremendous amount of expertise. Not only do planning and space requirements have to be met, but plumbing, electrical, lighting and construction issues must also be addressed. Ultimately, the kitchen and bath must be aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, be functional, safe and satisfy the needs of the homeowner.


Ultimately, the kitchens and bathrooms must be aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, be functional, safe and the needs of the home.

Selecting a professional contractor proper planning is important.


Contact your state or local licensing agencies to insure the contractor meets all licensing and insurance requirements.

Proper planning is important. Think your project through from start to finish. Design and function are of prime importance and a professional remodeling contractor will see to it that your needs are met.

"I want to remodel my kitchen & bathroom. Where do I start"

So, you've decided to create your dream kitchen or bathroom. Great idea. Yes, there is a process you should follow to assure your project becomes a good investment. Careful planning and attention to design, cabinets, equipment and fixtures are needed to create a kitchen or bathroom that is not only a good investment in a family's life style, but a good investment in a family's real estate property. With so many decisions to make and so much to think about, you need a professional to design, organize and plan this project, someone who understands all the complexities involved. That's where Merotile comes in.

FIRST and foremost you need a budget. This is the starting point for any project. It's not. "what will a kitchen or bath cost," but "what are we going to invest in our new kitchen or bath."









How to Choose a professional Remodeler

If you own a home, no matter what it's age, sooner or later you may join the millions of people who remodel their homes each year. The reasons for remodeling are as varied as the projects themselves. Generally people choose remodeling to add comfort, convenience, space, and ultimately to enhance their investment in what may be their most valuable asset. Your home is too important to entrust to anyone but a professional remodeler who can.

  • Save you money by doing your job right the first time.
  • Understand that your comfort during the project and its successful completion depend on effective communication and follow-through.
  • Maintain a safe job site to prevent damage to your home or injury to household members and pets.
  • Provide the best possible materials with in your budget.
  • Ensure your job meets or exceeds applicable building codes and regulations.
  • Guarantee the quality of the work with a warranty.

Before you meet with a remodeler , develop an idea of what you want to do. Write a list of your needs and wants. Look at magazines and collect pictures of what you like. (the more clearly you can envision the project and describe it on paper, the more likely you can convey a clear image of your project to a professional remodeler.) Now it's time to begin your search:

When interviewing prospective remodelers, here are some questions you may want to ask. Does the remodeler.

  • Maintain in a permanent mailing address, phone number and paging or answering system?
  • Carry insurance that protects you from claims arising from property damage or jobsite injuries?
  • Have a trustworthy reputation among customers and the business community? Ask for a list of building suppliers and call them to see if the remodeler has an account or pays for materials on delivery. (Most suppliers are willing to extend credit to financially sound companies.)
  • Specialize in particular types of projects?
  • Arrange for the building permit?
  • Offer a warranty? If so, what kind and for how long?
  • Agree to begin and complete your job with in your timetable?
  • Respond promptly to your questions?

Interview previous and present customers. And before you sign a contract.

  Ask the remodeler to share names and phone numbers of some customers.

  Ask the homeowners if the would hire the company again. Did the company maintain a responsibly neat jobsite? Did they keep delays to a minimum? Did they find the remodeler easy to talk to? Did the remodeler keep the informed as the job progressed?

How to Live With Your Remodeling Project

With remodeling, your home becomes the work site. You live side by side with the project from start to finish. You have to adjust your daily routines to make way for the construction that will transform your dreams into reality. Successful remodeling projects depend upon mutual trust and consistent communication between you and your remodeler.

Before you begin, make sure you know how you will communicate with the remodeler. Be sure you know to contact the remodeler for daily decisions as well as after hour's emergencies.

Plan ahead to keep your project on schedule. A bathroom project may take just a few weeks while a two-story addition may take 6 months or more. Ask the remodeler to provide you with a schedule for each phase of the project. Realize that changes you make after work has begun may affect schedule and budget.

In your pre-construction meeting, be sure to ask about the following:

Jobsite Signature

Will you allow the remodeler to place a sign on your property?

Jobsite Access

Have you agreed upon a pathway for workers, equipment, and vehicles?

Off Limits Areas

Will areas of the house be off limits to workers?


Does the house have an alarm system?


What precautions will be taken to ensure safety during the project?

Salvaging Materials

Will some items be saved from demolition?


Where will the Dumpster be located?

Utility Interruptions



Who is responsible for daily and final clean-up?

You will also want to discuss guidelines for workers, such as:

  Work Hours
  Phone Usage

A kitchen and bath professional can offer sound advice and suggest solutions to any problems that may rise or better yet prevent problems from occurring. They also understand the ways families and individuals relate to their surroundings, and therefore may be able to troubleshoot and meet needs in ways that may not occur to those who don't specialize in kitchens and bathrooms.

Merotile is able to coordinate every aspect of the design and installation. We are experienced licensed, residential general contractors as well (license # H0513110000) and most important, we're experts at working with you, the client. We listen to your needs and translate them into the kind of room you want.



Our mission at is to provide the finest kitchen and bath remodeling services to our clients. We will deal with our clients fairly and honestly with the objective of making customer service and satisfaction our top priority. We will deal with everyone within the organization with fairness and honesty as well, and strive to create a positive environment that yields employee satisfaction. By offering the highest quality products and materials, excellence in workmanship, and design creativity, in sync with forward thinking and a focus on family and safety, we will make remodeling dreams into realities.


Our Assurance To You

Every project is given a level of commitment unmatched elsewhere. Our expert designers are dedicated to providing you with a kitchen or bath that suits your lifestyle. From concept to completion, we are committed to offering you professional and responsive home improvement services...not only satisfying your expectations, but exceeding them.

We offer cabinetry selections in a wide range of styles, finishes, and prices which enables us to create a kitchen or bath that is uniquely yours.

The Kitchen and Bath Center serves the entire Front Range as well as the intermountain communities.

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