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Clawfoot TubWelcome to Merotile Bathtub Repair & Refinishing!

Most people think the only option available for remodeling their bathroom is replacing the existing fixtures. This makes a bathroom facelift and expensive proposition, out of reach for some and a serious drain on the budget for others. Fortunately, there is an alternative. That alternative is Bathtub Repair & Refinishing.

Bathtub Repair & Refinishing uses a unique refinishing process that offers unrivaled quality. We can turn that tired old bathroom edifice into a sparkling new fixture for a fraction of the remodel costs. Get a glossy shine unlike any other company in the industry! Call Merotile today!

We have the experience to beautify your bathroom. We guarantee all of our work, so you can be rest assured knowing we back our word with concrete results.

Merotile Bathtub Repair & Refinishing


Tubs and Ceramic Tile
Bathtub Repair & Refinishing can beautifully restore and repair porcelain bathtubs and ceramic tile and even change their color at a cost that is almost always significantly less expensive than replacement. A replacement bathtub can cost as little as $100, but add the cost of a contractor, demolition, removal, disposal, paying a tile settler and a plumber and the total cost quickly grows to $2000 or more.

Pitted, porous, chipped and impossible-to-clean bathtubs and tile can be made to look and feel like new. The Bathtub Repair & Refinishing process is so good that nine out of ten people cannot tell any difference between a new tub and a refinished tub! Unsightly, dirty grout tile lines are sealed in the process, which significantly reduces the build-up of mold and mildew.

Refinishing can restore the useful life of your fixtures for up to 20 years or more. Our finishes are incredibly durable and come in a variety of colors, which allows us to match any decorating plan.

Fiberglass Tubs and Showers
Bathtub RefinishingMost fiberglass showers, shower pans, and bathtubs last only 10 to 15 years or less before they become worn and dull making them difficult to maintain and keep clean.  Over time fiberglass bottoms can weaken and crack. We can repair most damage, including cracks, and even change the color to compliment any redecorating plan. What’s more, our refinishing is done without removing the fixture. This is a huge advantage for many one-piece fiberglass shower units that are often “built-in” to the structural framing of the bathroom walls.

Bathroom Sinks and Vanities
There is no need to remove and replace sinks or vanities when remodeling your bathroom. Save your money for wallpaper and new bath towels by having us refinish your fixtures in fresh, new colors or gleaming white. Chips, cracks, and scratches can even be repaired. Finishes are available in a variety of colors to match any décor. Your bathroom can be changed overnight and, with refinishing, there’s no expensive plumbing to rework!

Save money by having sinks and vanities refinished on the same day along with your bathtub.

Chips, Scratches and Cracks
Chip and scratch repairs can be made on almost any porcelain, fiberglass, tile, or acrylic surface. Bathtubs, sinks, countertops, and ceramic tile walls, in otherwise good condition, can be beautifully repaired right where they are, quickly and inexpensively. The repaired chip is even refinished to blend into the surrounding surface so well that it is practically invisible.

Antique Clawfoot Bathtubs and Pedestal Sinks
We also are experts in restoring antique clawfoot bathtubs. These worn, damaged, and chipped tubs are returned to smooth usable surfaces, adding to their value and making them useful bath fixtures again. We can refinish both the interior and exterior. We can even re-plate the claw feet. We will be happy to discuss all the options available to bring new life to your antique bathtub.

Slip Resistant Surfaces
The same slip resistant surface applied to thousands of major hotel and resort bathtubs to limit slip and fall liability is available to homeowners. It is easy to clean, will not discolor or peel, and can be applied in any color in just one hour, regardless of the fixture’s age or condition.

Merotile Bathtub Repair & Refinishing

Our refinishing process works on a wide range of surfaces, some of which include:


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages to resurfacing my tub rather than replacing it?


It is very labor intensive to replace a tub.  You have to consider the cost of a plumber and possibly having to bring your plumbing up to modern building codes.  In addition, replacing a tub can take several days with lots of construction noise and dirt to contend with.  The entire re-glazing process takes only two days and you get to re-use as much of your existing hardware as you want.  The average cost is 8 to 10 times less than replacing a tub. If your tub is old and worn out we can restore its original luster and shine without the excessive cost of replacement. We specialize in all types of chipped and cracked fiberglass, cast iron, and acrylic bathtub repairs as well as complete bathtub resurfacing.


How long will the new finish on a bathtub or tile wall last?

A refinished bathtub or tile wall can easily last 10 to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. These finishes are designed to stand up to daily use. However, like a newly manufactured bathtub, a refinished surface can be chipped or scratched if it is abused. Most people will have a difficult time telling any difference between a new bathtub and a refinished tub.


How long does it take to refinish a bathtub and what is the process?

A standard sized bathtub, in reasonable condition, takes only 5 to 7 hours to refinish. The tub will typically be ready to use within 48 hours.

The process is as follows: The tub and (if desired) tiles are cleaned and all dirty caulk is removed.  Once the technician is satisfied that all surfaces are clean and free of grease an acid etch is applied. All major chips, nicks and dents are then filled using a polyester filler. 

Once the tub is cleaned and prepped all surrounding areas are masked or covered, the shower head and tub spout bagged to prevent drips and all drain openings masked. An industrial fan is positioned to aid in ventilation and drop cloths are placed over any exposed floor areas.  We then apply a gray primer coat that helps smooth out any small imperfections in the surface as well as creating a tighter bond with the final glaze. The tub is then re-glazed with the final color using a HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun

Is refinishing just for bathtubs?

 Merotile can refinish a variety of surfaces including fiberglass shower stalls, kitchen counter tops, laminates, ceramic tile, cultured marble, and acrylic.


Can I choose a different color or must I stick with the white?

Merotile offers and stocks the following colors at no extra charge to the customer; Brite Appliance White, Marshmallow, and Kohler Off White. If desired we can also have our distributor color match an individual shade at an added charge. Many times we can have a color prepared using only the name of the manufacture and the catalog number of the color they offer. It usually takes us a week to get a custom color from our distributor. If you want something really exotic we can color match ourselves.


Does refinishing have an odor?

The top coatings we use contain solvents, which are necessary to make the finish hard and durable. We use ventilation fans to exhaust air from the work area, minimizing the fresh paint like odor. 80% to 90% of the smell will be exhausted within the first 4 to 5 hours and substantially gone within a day.


Can Merotile fix chips, scratches and cracks?

Small chips and cracks can usually be repaired during the preparation stage of the refinishing process. If it is just a single chip, we can often fill and refinish just the damaged area. With careful color matching, the repaired chip will be practically invisible.


Can you repair a cracked plastic or fiberglass shower pan?

In most cases yes. We do need to inspect the pan before we can make that determination.


How does refinishing work on kitchen countertops?

Our countertop refinishing works extremely well on all types of formica countertops, tile vanities, and even cultured marble counters. The finish is very durable and easy to clean.


How does refinishing compare to bathtub liners?

Liners are at least twice as expensive as refinishing and can take up to 3 to 4 weeks from ordering to installation.


Warranty : 5 Year limited warranty on workmanship provided.



Merotile Licensed and Insured - satisfaction guaranteed.


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